Sunday, October 31, 2010

all you need is love

September 2040 - Patrick Seiff is 27, Clara Long Seiff is 22, Benjamin Long and Viola Cameron are 49, Elizabeth Long is 43, Christopher Seiff is 27, Anjali Ramaswami is 22, Alison Cameron is 15, Christopher and Margaret Long are 13.

As if weddings aren't stressful enough, Clara's wedding is the first time her parents have been in the same place since the divorce. Luckily the aisle provides a natural buffer - her dad, Elizabeth, and their kids on one side...

her mom and Alison on the other. Since her mom's family is so much smaller than her dad's, they even things out by having their friends sit on her mom's side.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

eight days a week

August 2040 - Anthony Cooke is 23, Anjali Ramaswami is 22 (Benjamin Long is 49, Elizabeth Long is 43, Patrick Seiff is 27, Clara Long is 22).

Anjali and Anthony move into a beautiful new townhouse-style apartment. Initially they hadn't planned to live together; but when Paul took a new job in Bridgeport, Anthony and Anjali decided it didn't make sense for both of them to look for new places.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Round 2040-2042 Schedule and ROS

To go along with my new playing style, I've written up a schedule for the round. Right now it's pretty sparse, but I'll update it as I go.

Fall/Winter 2040
August 2040 - Cooke/Ramaswami
September 2040 - Seiff (Patrick and Clara's wedding)
school update
Lowell College Fall Semester
October 2040 - Byall/Ottomas (move away)
November 2040 - Ramaswami
December 2040 - Cameron

Spring/Summer 2041
January 2041 - Zhang
February 2041 - Carter/Myers
March 2041 - Cooper
Lowell College Spring Semester
April 2041 - Kim
May 2041 - Fairchild (prom)
June 2041 - Wilder
July 2041 - Stanton

Fall/Winter 2041
August 2041 - Cooke
happy birthday! - Cameron/Wright and Zhang babies due
September 2041 - Sophie Ottomas
school update
Lowell College Fall Semester
October 2041 - Smith
November 2041 - Tommy and Sheila Ottomas
December 2041 - Long

Spring/Summer 2042
January 2042 - Larrea (move away)
February 2042 - Bertoni
March 2042 - Cameron
Lowell College Spring Semester
April 2042 - Wright
May 2042 - London (prom)
June 2042 - Jitkamusal
July 2042 - Roseland

Random Events:

I rolled random events for the first time, and some of these are pretty big! I still haven't completely decided how and when I'll fulfill these, but when I do I'll link to the relevant posts.

Move away: Chris Byall
Oops, preggy!: Alison Cameron
Move away: Emma Larrea
You were afraid of that! Satisfy your biggest fear: Toby Wright

Thursday, October 21, 2010

new schedule

I've decided to change the way I update my Sims. Instead of writing about four households per year (one household for every season), I'm going to use a two-year-round system like over at Lakeside Heights, where I write an update for every Sim month, and after two Sim years I've covered almost every household. I'm also going to start including school updates for the elementary and high school kids. I'm really excited about this new schedule, although it may take me some time to get used to it, so the next few updates may be kind of late.

I haven't been updating very much lately because I've been very distracted by setting up a downtown. I finally created the perfect neighborhood terrain using Sim City 4, and I've been slowly putting in buildings. It's still very sparse, but once it's more developed I'll include pictures. I've also been trying to fill in some of the gaps in the Providence neighborhood so I can include neighborhood photos. But I've put the building on hold so I can keep going with the storytelling.

happy birthday to you

April 2040 - Caroline and Charlie Wilder are 38, Riley is 15, Laura is 11, Michael is 7, Andrew is 5, Rose is 18 months.

After having five children, Caroline is no longer scared of childbirth. But Riley is pretty freaked out when her mom goes into labor.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


May 2040 - Peter Ottomas is 57, Samantha Ottomas is 56, Matt is 17 (Theo Centowski is 17).

When your mother is a teacher at your school, it's impossible to skip school.

"Are you almost ready to go, Matt?" Samantha asks.

"Not yet, Mom. I can walk."

"All right, but make sure you're not late. I'll see you at school."

"Okay Mom."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lowell College: Spring 2040

Spring 2040 - Seniors: Clara Long, Anjali Ramaswami, Padma Ramaswami; Sophomore: Phoebe Centowski (Anthony Cooke is 22, Nate and Theo Centowski are 17).

As Padma's pregnancy progresses, Anjali is constantly trying to talk to Padma about her plans.

"I won't give birth until after graduation," Padma says. "I have several more months."

"But what are you going to do after graduation?" Anjali asks. "Are you going to move in with Gavin? Are you going to move back home?"

Friday, October 8, 2010

father and son

February 2040 - Sheila and Tommy Ottomas are 29, Katie is 5, Sean is 2.

Sean loves having a big sister to play with. She's at school for most of the day, but every morning before she leaves for school, she comes into his room to say hello.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the long and winding road

November 2039 - John Lowell is 69, Anne and James Smith are 39, George is 15, John and Tom are 11, Jamie is 8, Alex is 6.

This is the first Thanksgiving since Anne's mother Elizabeth died, and for the first time Anne is cooking Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lowell College: Fall 2039

Fall 2039 - Seniors: Clara Long, Anjali Ramaswami, Padma Ramaswami; Sophomore: Phoebe Centowski.

Anjali, Padma, and Clara are all very excited about starting their senior year.

Friday, October 1, 2010

oxford comma

August 2039 - Anthony Cooke and Paul Ottomas are 22, Anjali Ramaswami is 21 (Phil Jitkamusal is 30).

After college, Paul and Anthony rent an apartment together in Providence.