Wednesday, February 23, 2011

raised by wolves

November 2042 - Cynthia and Robert Kim are 46, Julie is 9 (Grayson Wheeler is 16).

Cynthia never thought she would be just another suburban mom. She was an actress and then a best-selling novelist. But her last TV role was over a decade ago, and its been years since she published a book. She met with her editor last month to discuss a new book, but she hasn't had any time to write. School has started, and her days are full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, driving the carpool, and helping with homework. Even when Julie is at school, Cynthia can't focus on her writing. She hasn't seen Grayson in months, but she still can't stop thinking about him.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

here comes the bride

October 2042 - Priya and Sanjay Ramaswami are 53, Gavin Newson and Anthony Cooke are 25, Anjali and Padma Ramaswami are 24.

On a beautiful fall afternoon, Priya and Sanjay drive to Bridgeport for the wedding of their daughter Padma. Priya and Sanjay are happy about the wedding, although Priya wishes Anjali were getting married.

"Anjali and Anthony have been together a lot longer than Padma and Gavin," Priya points out.

"I know," says Sanjay, "but she says she's not interested in marriage."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lowell College: Fall 2042

Fall 2042 - Juniors: Nate Centowski, Theo Centowski, Opal Raymond; Sophomores: Christian Andrews, Ellie Fairchild, Justin Kim, Meg Stanton, Aimee Wheeler; Freshmen: Isaiah Gavigan, George Smith, Tina Traveller, Riley Wilder, Curtis Wren.

Lowell College finished construction on the townhouses this summer, and Nate, Theo, and Opal are some of their first residents. They share a three bedroom unit laid out on two floors; Opal and Theo share a room, and they use the empty room which would have been Matt's as a study. Nate has the downstairs bedroom and his own bathroom.

Friday, February 11, 2011

back to school again

Fall 2042 - 2042/2043 school update.

Providence Elementary School

Samantha's grandson Sean Ottomas started kindergarten this year, and Samantha loves spending time with him at school. Two of her grandchildren are at Providence Elementary - Sean and his older sister Katie - and next year their cousin Veronica Bertoni will be joining them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

long haul

September 2042 - Phoebe Centowski is 22, Benjamin Grove is 24, Nate and Theo Centowski and Opal Raymond are 20.

Phoebe has wanted to be a cop since she was a little girl. She thought her mother was a superhero. But now that she joined the police force, she doesn't feel very heroic. As a rookie, most of her work days involve doing paperwork and writing traffic tickets. And when there is an emergency to respond to, it's not as thrilling as she had imagined. A month later, she can't get Matt's car crash out of her head - the mangled metal and blood, the smell of smoke and gasoline. She can't forget the sight of Matt's parents collapsed on the couch as her mother told them about the accident.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy birthday to you!

August 2042 - Patrick Seiff is 29, Clara Seiff is 24.

Clara may have learned all about childbirth in medical school, but going through it is a lot harder than she had expected.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

last kiss

August 2042 - Peter Ottomas is 60, Samantha Ottomas is 59, Matt Ottomas is 20.

Matt is home for summer break, and things are tense in the Ottomas house. Samantha loves her youngest son, but she's secretly looking forward to his going back to college. He stays up late and comes home in the middle of the night, he borrows the car without asking, he eats all of the food in the refrigerator. He disrupts the quiet life she and Peter have made for themselves since all of their children left home.

Round 2042-2044 Schedule and ROS

Here's the schedule for the next round, which covers August 2042 until July 2044.

Fall/Winter 2042
August 2042 - Peter and Samantha Ottomas
September 2042 - Phoebe Centowski
school update
Lowell College Fall Semester
October 2042 - Ramaswami
November 2042 - Kim
December 2042 - Centowski

Spring/Summer 2043
January 2043 - Zhang
February 2043 - Seiff
March 2043 - Carter/Myers
Lowell College Spring Semester
April 2043 - Cynthia Kim
May 2043 - Long
June 2043 - Cooper
July 2043 - Wilder

Fall/Winter 2043
August 2043 - Cameron
September 2043 - Stanton
school update
Lowell College Fall Semester
October 2043 - Cooke/Ramaswami
November 2043 - Cooke
December 2043 - Smith

Spring/Summer 2044
January 2044 - Grove/Centowski
February 2044 - Tommy and Sheila Ottomas
March 2044 - Bertoni
Lowell College Spring Semester
April 2044 - Zhang
May 2044 - Sophie Ottomas
June 2044 - Cormier/Johnson
July 2044 - Picaso

Random Events:

These are pretty dramatic events! My neighborhood is becoming a lot darker.
death by car accident: Matt Ottomas
death by illness: Andrew Carter
move away: Anjali Ramaswami
oops! preggy: Meg Stanton