Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lowell College: Spring 2044

Fall 2044 - Seniors: Nate Centowski, Theo Centowski, Opal Raymond; Juniors: Christian Andrews, Ellie Fairchild, Justin Kim, Meg Stanton, Aimee Wheeler; Sophomores: Isaiah Gavigan, George Smith, Tina Traveller, Riley Wilder, Curtis Wren; Freshmen: Georgia London, Harper Myers, Toby Wright.

Nate and Theo are graduating in June, which means this is the last semester they'll be living together. Even though the twins are very different, they've always gotten along well, and it'll be strange not seeing each other every day anymore.

Friday, November 11, 2011

almost ready to update again

I spent all day installing Boot Camp, but when I downloaded and installed The Sims 2, I didn't have very much space left on the partition. I think Windows 7 takes up more space than Windows XP. So I have to repartition the drive again tomorrow. At least this time it'll go faster. But I tested The Sims 2 briefly, and it loaded very quickly. I'll probably spend a day making sure The Sims 2 works on Windows 7 before transferring all of my CC and neighborhood files.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

trying out The Sims 3

While I've been waiting to set up The Sims 2 on my new laptop, I went ahead and bought The Sims 3. I've been wanting to play it ever since it came out, but my old laptop couldn't handle it. I really wanted to try out the new features, and while I'm still getting the hang of it, it's a lot of fun and I think it's very different from The Sims 2.

The main difference, of course, is Story Progression. Since the rest of the neighborhood ages together, there's no need to rotate households. For me at least, I find it harder to play an entire neighborhood since they're doing stuff when I'm not looking. But it's a lot easier to play a single household. I've been playing a legacy family in Riverview, and I like that their friends, extended family, and neighbors keep aging and changing along with them. I am a little worried that there aren't enough babies being born though. What if my legacy kids don't have anyone to marry? Maybe I should download one of the Story Progression mods.

I've also been trying to play the whole Riverview neighborhood, which I've found very hard. I want to keep switching households, but then I worry about what's happening to the other households when I'm not playing them. I think for me The Sims 3 is better for playing a single family, while The Sims 2 is better for controlling an entire neighborhood.

What do other people think? What did you think about the differences between The Sims 2 and The Sims 3?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

update coming soon!

I have my new computer now (woo!), but since I haven't had time to set up my Windows partition (I've been a devoted Mac user for about four years), I don't have an update yet. I'm hoping to get everything set up this weekend, and have the next update finished sometime next week.

But in the meantime, here is a teaser pic: