Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lowell College: Spring 2044

Fall 2044 - Seniors: Nate Centowski, Theo Centowski, Opal Raymond; Juniors: Christian Andrews, Ellie Fairchild, Justin Kim, Meg Stanton, Aimee Wheeler; Sophomores: Isaiah Gavigan, George Smith, Tina Traveller, Riley Wilder, Curtis Wren; Freshmen: Georgia London, Harper Myers, Toby Wright.

Nate and Theo are graduating in June, which means this is the last semester they'll be living together. Even though the twins are very different, they've always gotten along well, and it'll be strange not seeing each other every day anymore.

Nate is especially busy this semester. Most of his dates with Harper consist of their studying together.

But they still manage to tear themselves away from their books to spend time together. They love stargazing together on the grass behind the townhouse.

"You mean so much to me," Nate says. "I can't imagine loving someone more. And I want to ask you to marry me?"

She turns and raises herself up on one elbow to look at him. "Oh Nate..."

"We don't have to get married right away," he says. "We can wait until you've graduated. But I wanted you to know that I want to marry you."

"Of course I will," she says. "I love you, Nate."

Theo has also been thinking about the future lately. One night while he and Opal are catching fireflies, he surprises her with a proposal.


In the dorms, the freshmen and sophomores are having less luck with love. Tina catches Curtis flirting with another girl and tells him they're done.

He tries flirting with Gabriella, but she shoots him down.

"Can you believe him?" Gabriella tells Tina and Riley. "I mean, did he really think I'd go out with him? He's so sleazy!"

Freshman Georgia London has a huge crush on Toby Wright, but he tells her he just thinks of her as a friend. Georgia finds out through the rumor mill that Toby has been dating Gabriella.

Georgia isn't used to being rejected. So when Georgia sees an ad online for a love potion, she immediately whips out her credit card and orders some. She hopes that will help her get a boyfriend.


Things between Meg and Christian are still strong. Meg worried that living in the same townhouse might cause them to break up, but it's only brought them closer.

At first Meg blames the constant tiredness on her course load.

But when she starts throwing up in the morning, she worries it might be something serious.

Ellie is the one who buys a pregnancy test from the pharmacy. The girls wait until the boys are both gone for her to take it.

"Well?" Ellie asks. "What does it say?"

Meg is almost too numb to respond. "You were right. I'm pregnant."

It takes Meg a few days to work up the nerve to tell Christian.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

Meg nods. "I went to the doctor today. I'm due at the beginning of October."

He doesn't have to ask if she's going to keep it; he can tell by the way she said it and by the way her hand rests on her stomach.

"We'll get married," he says. "As soon as possible."

It's not the romantic proposal Meg had dreamed about, but none of this is happening how she planned. She's just glad she won't have to go through this alone.


Spring Term Grades
Nate Centowski: A+, GPA 4.0 (Summa Cum Laude)
Theo Centowski: C+, GPA 2.7
Opal Raymond: B+, GPA 3.0
Christian Andrews: A+, GPA 3.6
Ellie Fairchild: B+, GPA 3.1
Justin Kim: A+, GPA 3.1
Meg Stanton: A+, GPA 3.7
Aimee Wheeler: A+, GPA 4.0
Isaiah Gavigan: B, GPA 3.7
Gabriella Newson: B, GPA 3.2
George Smith: C, GPA 3.1
Tina Traveller: B, GPA 3.5
Riley Wilder: B, GPA 3.2
Curtis Wren: B-, GPA 3.1
Georgia London: C, GPA 3.0
Harper Myers: A+, GPA 4.0
Toby Wright: A+, GPA 3.5


I'm so glad to be back to updating! After several days of trying, I finally got Providence installed on my new computer last weekend. I had been worried about running the game on Windows 7, but it runs beautifully. Load times are so much shorter, and the screen resolution is better.

There's so much drama this round! Curtis kept getting into fights all round, and he never rolls college wants, so I had him drop out and move back to Bridgeport. His LTW is to be the top of the Criminal career, so dropping out makes sense for him. Toby Wright is quite a heartbreaker! Both Gabriella Newson and Georgia London are in love with him, but he isn't in love with either of them. We'll see what happens next year.

Meg rolled the pregnancy ROS this round; like her mother, she'll be a mom when she graduates next year. She and Christian are both going to stay in college, but they'll have to move to an apartment off-campus.

There are only a few more households before the next round! This round really feels like it's dragged on because of all of my computer programs, and I can't wait to start the next one. I've already rolled the ROS, and there are some big ones!

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