Sunday, December 4, 2011

takin' care of business

April 2044 - Amin and Brenda Zhang are 30, Barack is 2.

When Brenda decided to run for mayor, she wasn't expecting to be pregnant during her campaign. The baby is due in September, just two months before the election.

Brenda is determined not to let her pregnancy slow her down. She has good credentials, and she knows the issues the voters care about.

"We need to make Providence a safer place. The hard-working police department, of which my husband is a part, needs to be expanded so they can respond more quickly to robberies and crack down on drunk driving."

Brenda has also been spending time with the city council, both to try to get their support and to find out what they think needs to be done in Providence.

As a congressperson, she spends four days a week in Washington D.C., and then when she gets back to Providence she spends most of the weekend working on her campaign. Luckily Amin is more than capable of taking care of Barack by himself. But with a second child on the way, they're both hoping that she wins so she won't have to commute anymore and can spend more time at home.

One thing Amin is still not very good at is cooking. He tries to make macaroni and cheese one night but ends up burning it. Most nights they just get Chinese takeout.

Even with her busy schedule, they try to steal a few minutes alone together every night after Barack is asleep.

"You'll be a great mayor honey," he says. "I'm so proud of you."


I'm very excited about Baby Zhang; Barack is so cute, I'm sure they'll have another cute one. Even though Brenda is only a judge, I decided to have her take over as mayor after Sandy Fairchild retires. I did some research on ages for judges and mayors, and it seems like there are far more mayors under 40 than judges. She will receive the salary that the game provides for a judge, but in the story she'll be the mayor.

Sorry for the late and short update. I'm swamped with school, but I want to get back into a regular updating schedule. I've also started playing The Sims 3, but I'm taking a break until I get some other expansion packs. Hopefully I'll be able to wrap up this round sometime this month.


  1. Brenda is a busy lady. I am sure with a supportive husband like Amin she will be able to juggle everything nicely.

    Wonder what they are going to name the new baby?

  2. Oo yes mayor is an easier position to obtain then judge. I'm happy for her to have this new opportunity story wise. I can't wait to see what they have and name the next baby!