Business Directory

This page will keep track of the occupations of the citizens of Arcadia and New Athens.

Public Services

Providence Government
Mayor: Sandy Fairchild
Congressperson: Brenda Zhang
City Council: Orlando Bertoni

Providence Hospital
Cardiology: Dr. Elizabeth Long
Internal Medicine: Dr. Benjamin Long, Dr. Clara Seiff
Radiology: Dr. Anjali Ramaswami
Surgery: Dr. Kate Myers

Providence Police Department
Police Chief: Steffi Centowski
Detectives: James Smith, Amin Zhang
Vice Squad: Phoebe Centowski

Providence Public Schools
Elementary School: Samantha Ottomas, Christa Roseland
High School: Tommy Ottomas, Caroline Wilder



The Burren
Owner: Ricky Cormier
Business Rank: 8
Manager: Camryn Lee (hostess)
Employees: Amanda Carlson (server), Lyndsey Louie (bartender), Kaylynn Spitzig (server)
Description: bar and restaurant

Hotel Ampersand (building by plasticbox)
Owners: Julien and Melissa Cooke
Business Rank: 10
Description: a small, elegant restaurant

The Pier
Owner: Autumn Miller
Business Rank: 5
Employees: Autumn Miller (chef)
Description: seafood restaurant located on the beach


Byall Bowling Alley
Owner: none
Business Rank: 3
Description: bowling alley

Providence Theater
Owner: Randy London
Business Rank: 7
Description: screens movies and holds concerts


Bertoni's Market
Owners: Orlando and Sharla Bertoni
Business Rank: 5
Employees: Tara Jitkamusal (baker)
Description: grocery store

Dora's Toy Box
Owner: Emma Ottomas
Business Rank: 5
Manager: Sophie Ottomas
Description: toy store

Owner: Orlando Centowski
Business Rank: 6
Employee: Sheila Lillard
Description: builds and sells robots

Jenny's Closet
Owner: Jenny Johnson
Business Rank: 7
Description: clothing store and salon