Friday, June 22, 2012

on and on and on

May 2044 - Blair Jayapalan and Sophie Ottomas are 30, Samantha Ottomas is 60, Chris Byall and David Ottomas are 46, Orlando and Sharla Bertoni are 38, Sheila and Tommy Ottomas are 33, Andrew and Emma Larrea are 30, Paul Ottomas is 26, Cara Ottomas is 25, Donna Bertoni is 14, Katie Ottomas is 9, Sean Ottomas is 6, Veronica Bertoni and Jason Larrea are 5.

After two years together, Sophie and Blair bought their first house together. It's right next door to the house she grew up in, where her mother and Sharla's family live, and one block over from Sheila and Tommy.

Her twin sister Emma is all the way out in Bridgeport, but they make time to see each other on the weekends. Sophie and Blair are getting married, and Emma goes with her to pick out a wedding dress.

Emma offered to let Sophie wear her old wedding dress, but Sophie refused. The twins have always had very different styles.

"This one is perfect," Sophie says.

It's a little plain for Emma's taste, but she knows that's what Sophie wants. "You look beautiful," she says.


It's the first time the family has been together since Peter's death. It's strange for Samantha to be here without her husband. But for the first time in a long time, she's surrounded by all of her children and grandchildren.

Surrounded by her family, Sophie marries Blair Jayalapan becomes Sophie Jayalapan.

All of Sophie's brothers and sisters are here, including David, who flew in from Twikkii Island with his wife Chris. Samantha is so happy to have a chance to catch up with her oldest son.

Even though it's been a few years since Paul married Cara while on vacation at Twikkii Island, most of his family hasn't had a chance to get to know him since Paul and Cara live in Bridgeport. Paul and Cara show pictures of their daughter Summer to his family.

The wedding is also a good opportunity for the cousins to see each other. Since Sharla and Tommy live across the street from each other, their kids are good friends, but Emma's son Jason hardly ever gets to see his cousins.

Since Donna is the only teenager, they arrange for her to sit with the adults, but she still goes off to play with her little cousins.


I was worried that Sophie would never get married, but she finally did! These don't really fit in to the rest of the wedding update, but here are some extra honeymoon photos.

Sophie and Blair dancing on the patio at their hotel.

Sophie and Blair getting frisky on the beach. The other tourist can probably tell that they're newlyweds.

There must be something in the water, because like her sister Emma, Sophie is coming back from her honeymoon pregnant! The baby is due in February 2045.


  1. Yay, congratulations to Sophie and Blair! I loved the wedding, especially the picture of all the cousins together. I don't have enough weddings with a lot of kids in attendance - always makes for some extra cuteness!

  2. Lovely to see the Sims I know so well from my own game! And what a welcome change your blog makes to that of so many others - your Sims look "normal", like they do just look in the game, without all those fancy downloads for hairdos and make-up :-)
    How can I follow your blog? I have not found the "follow" button anywhere, or maybe I just need new glasses...