Monday, October 10, 2011


March 2044 - Samantha Ottomas is 60, Orlando and Sharla Bertoni are 38, Donna is 14, Veronica is 5.

Sharla never thought she'd be living back in her childhood home, but after her father died, she couldn't bear to have her mother living alone. She and Orlando had been planning to move into a larger house anyway, so it just seemed natural for them to move in with her mother.

Orlando and Sharla thought they were moving in to help Samantha, but as much as they help her, she helps them. Samantha is an excellent cook, and she makes dinner for the family every night.

Samantha loves having a full house again.

After school Samantha looks after the girls while their parents are working.

Veronica is starting to get some homework to prepare her for first grade next year, and Samantha helps her with it.

Orlando has been especially busy with work lately. He's working on an editorial for the paper about encouraging business growth in Providence. He's even been thinking about running for a seat on the State Assembly.

Donna is a good big sister to Veronica. Donna is teaching her how to jump rope.

But now that Donna is on the soccer team, she spends more time with her friends.

Her parents got so tired of her tying up the phone, they bought her a cell phone for her birthday, and she's on it every night with Rachel Cooper and Jamie Smith.

Veronica has also made some good friends at school.

Every weekend she plays with Rose Wilder. Now that it's spring, the girls love playing outside in the yard.

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  1. I'm so glad they all moved in with Samantha, that was hood of Sharla and Orlando to do. I felt bad for Samantha living all alone in her big house. The kids all seemto be doing well and little Rose is adorable. I sure wish I coulda got a cell phone when I tied up my parents line, they just picked up the other phone and said get off. lol