Family Trees

This is where I keep track of the ever-evolving family trees. The symbol (m) indicates marriage, (w/) indicates an unmarried relationship, and (m/d) indicates divorced. Names in gray indicate that Sim is deceased.

Cameron/Seiff Family
    • Viola Kalson Cameron (m/d) Benjamin Long (m) Neil Cameron
      • (w/ B.) Clara Long Seiff (m) Patrick Seiff
        • Molly Seiff
      • (w/ N.) Alison Cameron (w/) Toby Wright
        • Isabella "Bella" Cameron

Carter/Myers Family
    • Andrew Carter (w/) Kathryn "Kate" Myers
      • Harper Myers
      • Avery Myers

Centowski Family
    • Orlando Centowski (m) Steffi Mace Centowski
      • Phoebe Centowski
      • Nathaniel "Nate" Centowski
      • Theodore "Theo" Centowski

Cooke Family
    • Julien Cooke (m) Melissa Fancey Cooke
      • Anthony Cooke (m) Anjali Ramaswami
      • Adrien Cooke

Cooper Family
    • Jack Cooper (m) Jillian Piper Cooper
      • Jack "Jackson" Cooper Jr.
      • Rachel Cooper
      • Piper Cooper

Cormier/Fairchild Family
    • Ricky Cormier (w/) Sandy Fairchild
      • Eleanor "Ellie" Fairchild

Jitkamusal Family
      • Phil Jitkamusal (m) Tara Kat Jitkamusal
        • Anna Jitkamusal
        • Kat Jitkamusal

Kim Family
    • Robert Kim (m/d) Cynthia Kim
      • Justin Kim
      • Julie Kim

London Family
    • Randy London (m) Andrea Hogan London
      • Georgia London

Long/Seiff Family
    • Benjamin Long (m/d) Viola Cameron (m) Elizabeth Ng Long
      • (w/ V.) Clara Long Seiff (m) Patrick Seiff
        • Molly Seiff
      • (w/ E.) Christopher Long
      • (w/ E.) Margaret Long
      • (w/ E.) Charlotte Long

Lowell/Smith Family
  • John Lowell (m) Elizabeth Cabot Lowell
    • Cabot Lowell
    • Anne Lowell Smith (m) James Smith
      • George Smith
      • John Smith
      • Thomas "Tom" Smith
      • Jamie Smith
      • Alexander "Alex" Smith

Miller/Wright Family
    • Tucker Wright (w/) Autumn Miller
      • October "Toby" Wright (w/) Alison Cameron
        • Isabella "Bella" Cameron
      • Dylan Wright

Ottomas/Bertoni/Larrea/Jayalapan Family
  • Dora Ottomas
    • Peter Ottomas (m) Samantha Ottomas
      • David Ottomas (m) Chris Byall
      • Sharla Ottomas Bertoni (m) Orlando Bertoni
        • Donna Bertoni
        • Veronica Bertoni
      • Thomas "Tommy" Ottomas (m) Sheila Lillard Ottomas
        • Katherine "Katie" Ottomas
        • Sean Ottomas
      • Emma Ottomas Larrea (m) Andrew Larrea
        • Jason Larrea
        • Helen Larrea
      • Sophie Ottomas Jayalapan (m) Blair Jayalapan
      • Paul Ottomas (m) Cara Nanale Ottomas
        • Summer Ottomas
      • Matthew "Matt" Ottomas

Ramaswami/Newson Family
    • Sanjay Ramaswami (m) Priya Ramaswami
      • Anjali Ramaswami (m) Anthony Cooke
      • Padma Ramaswami Newson (m) Gavin Newson
        • Krishna Newson

Roseland Family
    • Cyd Roseland (m) Christa Miller Roseland
      • Charles "Charlie" Roseland
      • Connor Roseland
      • Carrie Roseland

Stanton Family
    • Robert Stanton (m/d) Jenny Johnson
      • Margaret "Meg" Stanton
      • Elizabeth "Libby" Stanton
      • Jodie Stanton
      • Sadie Stanton

Wilder Family
    • Charles "Charlie" Wilder (m) Caroline Riley Wilder
      • Riley Wilder
      • Laura Wilder
      • Michael Wilder
      • Andrew Wilder
      • Rose Wilder
      • Lucy Wilder

Zhang Family
      • Amin Zhang (m) Brenda Roennigke Zhang
        • Barack Zhang