Providence Schools

This page will keep track of all of the students in Providence.

School Enrollment
School Year: 2043/2044

Providence Elementary School
Kindergarten: Veronica Bertoni, Anna Jitmakusal, Kat Jitmakusal, Rose Wilder
Grade 1: Charlotte Long, Sean Ottomas, Connor Roseland
Grade 2:
Grade 3:
Grade 4: Katie Ottomas, Andrew Wilder
Grade 5: Piper Cooper, Julie Kim, Alex Smith
Grade 6: Avery Myers, Charlie Roseland, Michael Wilder
Faculty: Christa Miller, Samantha Ottomas

Providence High School
Grade 7: Jamie Smith, Jodie Stanton, Sadie Stanton, Dylan Wright
Grade 8: Rachel Cooper
Grade 9: Donna Bertoni, Adrien Cooke
Grade 10: Jackson Cooper, John Smith, Tom Smith, Libby Stanton, Laura Wilder
Grade 11: Christopher Long, Margaret Long
Grade 12:
Faculty: Tommy Ottomas, Caroline Wilder