Thursday, December 30, 2010

let's spend the night together

September 2041 - Sophie Ottomas is 28 (Samantha Ottomas is 58, Emma Larrea is 28).

Sophie feels like a cliche - a single 28-year-old woman living alone with a cat. She knows breaking up with Christopher was the right decision, but lately she feels like she's standing still while the world whizzes past. She heard that Christopher got married a few months ago to her brother Paul's ex-girlfriend Brittany. Her twin sister has been married for four years and has a son, and she hasn't been in a relationship since college.

She needs a change, so one day she heads to Jenny's Closet for some new clothes.

It's still comfortable and casual, but more modern and stylish.

The toy store is doing really well. Sophie can barely make enough toys to keep up with the demand.

People come all the way from Bridgeport to get their specialty toys.

Sometimes after work she stops by her parents' house. Her mother loves to keep up with her children's lives, and her brothers and sisters are too busy with their families or school or live too far away to come over often, so Sophie feels like it's her responsibility to make sure her mother doesn't get too lonely.

"I like the new outfit," Samantha says. "What's the occasion? Are you seeing someone?"

Actually Sophie is on a date. She started seeing Blair a few weeks ago, and already things are going pretty well.

"This is a nice place," Sophie says. "I've never been here before."

"Yeah, I'm a regular here. Want to see the upstairs? They have a pool table."

They play pool for a while...

...but then things start to get steamy.

Sophie hasn't invited a man back to her apartment in a long time. And this is only their third date. But before she's fully aware of what's happening, their clothes are in a pile in her living room and they're stumbling half naked through the kitchen.

Somehow they end up on her bed, their bodies tangled together, his skin hot against hers.

Maybe it isn't soul crushing love yet, but she's ready to jump in and see what this can be.


Poor Sophie was kind of lonely, so I used twojeff's Find a Mate Crystal Ball and found that she and Blair have a high attraction. We'll see what happens!


  1. Glad Sophie found someone, to at least fill the moment. Maybe there will be a good relationship out of this! Or a good way to pass the time at least. I've used the Crystal Ball before when my sims are particularly desperate. Very handy object.

  2. Thanks for the comment retromaisie! I saw a reference to the Find a Mate Crystal Ball on Pine Hollow, and I immediately downloaded it. It's really useful to find people for the sims who are having trouble finding someone. I've also used it to set up some of the background characters (most of them ex's of my playable characters).

  3. Haha! I love the cat looking at her with the ??? face.