Friday, November 11, 2011

almost ready to update again

I spent all day installing Boot Camp, but when I downloaded and installed The Sims 2, I didn't have very much space left on the partition. I think Windows 7 takes up more space than Windows XP. So I have to repartition the drive again tomorrow. At least this time it'll go faster. But I tested The Sims 2 briefly, and it loaded very quickly. I'll probably spend a day making sure The Sims 2 works on Windows 7 before transferring all of my CC and neighborhood files.


  1. I'll be watching with interest! I'm planning on getting a new computer myself soon, which will have Windows 7 and I'm a bit nervous about making the switch.

  2. Thanks Carla! I will let you know if I have any issues running the game in Windows 7.