Sunday, January 30, 2011

here comes the sun

July 2042 - Cyd Roseland is 39, Christa Roseland is 37, Charlie is 10, Connor is 5, Carrie is 2 (Michael Wilder is 10, Andrew Wilder is 8).

(Technically these are the ages as of August 2042, but I wanted to age up Connor and Carrie before I wrote the update.)

The Roseland family has lived in the same little farmhouse since Cyd and Christa got married, but with three kids the farmhouse can barely fit the family. Carrie's crib is in a corner of the living room, and Charlie and Connor share a tiny bedroom barely big enough for two beds.

Connor and Charlie spend almost all day playing outside. The house is small, but they own a large plot of land with plenty of room for the children to play. Cyd and Christa have been talking about building an extension onto the farmhouse, and Connor and Charlie decide to help pay for it by selling lemonade.

Connor doesn't have much luck. The only sale he makes is to his dad.

Charlie is an experienced salesperson. He sells a glass to someone walking past the street.

"Thanks kid, it's a hot day."

But there's never much foot traffic on their street, and Charlie and Connor barely make enough to cover the cost of the lemonade mix.

Most days the Wilder boys come over, or the Roseland boys go over there to play. Michael is the same age as Charlie, and they're on the same summer little league team.

Connor is excited about making friends with Michael and Andrew.

Now that Carrie is walking, she gets into everything. Most days Christa lets her run around the yard so she doesn't have to worry about Carrie pulling the books off the shelves. Plus Carrie likes being with her brothers, even if she can't play baseball with them yet.

Christa has been very busy this summer working in the garden. It's hard to stretch her teacher's salary to care for a family of five, and she grows a lot of their vegetables to save money. But taking care a vegetable garden is more work than she had thought. The weeding never ends!

She's also been spending a lot of time reading with Connor. He starts kindergarten in the fall, and Christa has been teaching him the alphabet.

Connor likes being a big brother. "Do you think Mommy and Daddy will have another baby? I want a little brother."

"I don't know. Where would the baby sleep?"


Not too much excitement happens with this family, although they are incredibly cute. This is a nice little fluffy update before next round's angst and drama!

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