Monday, January 10, 2011

meeting across the river

January 2042 - Andrew and Emma Larrea are 28, Jason is 3 (Peter Ottomas is 59, Samantha Ottomas is 58).

There's been an increase in the number of break-ins, and the latest victims are the Larreas.

By the time the police arrive, the burglar has gotten away.

The burglar didn't have time to take much from inside the house, but he still got away with their car.

They loved the peace and quiet of Forest Hills, but after the burglary they see the neighborhood in a different light. It's so isolated, and the silence, once comforting, is now eerie.

Andrew wins a big case for the firm, and he decides to use his bonus to start his own firm in Bridgeport.

Emma's family is sad to see them leave. Her parents come over for dinner a few weeks before the move.

"We're going to miss you so much," Samantha says.

"We're only moving an hour away, Mom. You and Dad can come visit, and we have an extra bedroom in case you want to stay over."

"I know, but it's not the same."

For dinner, Samantha prepares her traditional turkey dinner.

"The food is wonderful, Samantha," Andrew says.

"Well I wanted to cook you two one last meal before you move away."

"Mom, we're not dying."

"Don't be strangers," Samantha says.

"We'll see you soon, Mom."


Their new home in Bridgeport is a beautiful four-story townhouse near the park.

The elevator comes in handy when they have to carry Jason up to his room.

Andrew made sure the new house had a garage for his new car.

The new place is smaller than their old house, but more than large enough for their small family. They have a large entertainment room with a TV and poker table.

Emma drives into Providence a few times a week to work at the toy store. The rest of the time Sophie runs the store. Emma calls every day to make sure things are going well, but there's rarely much to report. The business practically runs itself these days. They've even talked about buying space for another store in Bridgeport.

They worry that Jason will be lonely being so far from his cousins, so they buy a small dog to keep him company. The dog gets plenty of exercise running up and down the stairs and playing in the small garden.


Emma rolled the move away ROS, and I wasn't sure how to write their move, but when they got robbed I figured they might want to leave after that. I was sad to see them move, though; their old house is one of my favorites, although I love their new townhouse. I based it on the floorplan for a townhouse in NYC that I found online.

Now that they've moved away, you can find the Larrea family on the Minor Characters page.

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  1. Aw, super cute. I love the townhouse too, although I agree that their old house looks awesome too.