Saturday, July 31, 2010


May 2034 - Benjamin Long is 42, Elizabeth Long is 36, Christopher and Margaret are 6.

Elizabeth loves their house in the woods, especially during the spring. Even though they're only a few miles outside of Providence, the trees provide a wonderful sense of solitude.

She's cultivating a vegetable garden in the greenhouse. So far she's only been growing tomatoes, but she's hoping to grow other vegetables once she learns more.

She invites the garden club to see their home, hoping for an invitation to join. They're very impressed by the trees and well-maintained flower plots.

They recently adopted a stray dog named Webster.

He gets along very well with Cleo.

He's an old dog, so he spends a lot of time sleeping. Cleo has been too; she's expecting puppies! (I don't know how to speed up a dog's pregnancy, so you won't see the puppies for a few years.)

Margaret is six years old and in the first grade. She's a sweet little girl who loves to paint.

Her twin brother Christopher is much more active. He loves playing outside and collecting bugs.

Elizabeth and Benjamin are so busy with their careers, but they try to make time with their kids every day. They try to both be home for dinner every night.

Benjamin loves living out in the woods too. He loves the peace and the distance from town. Ten years ago, when he was living in Providence with Viola, he had felt trapped and restless. He had thought maybe marriage and family just weren't for him. But out here in the woods, with Elizabeth and their beautiful twins, he feels satisfied.


  1. Their home is quite lovely, I'd live in the woods too. Margaret is adorable. Yay for puppies! I don't know how to speed it up ether. I haven't had puppies legitimately born in the game since pets was released.

  2. I think their house is my favorite. It's so pretty.

    I realized that, like with human pregnancies, pet pregnancies progress even with the aging off cheat. So I turned aging off and played for a couple of days until the puppies were born. They had three puppies: Ash, Clover, and Daisy. You can't tell what they'll look like when they're puppies, but I can't wait to see what they'll look like.