Thursday, February 18, 2010

what a good boy

May 2024 - John and Anne Smith are 23, Caroline Wilder is 22.

After almost two years of marriage, Anne loves having a grown up life. She's an associate professor of literature at Lowell College, although right now she's on maternity leave since she's eight and a half months pregnant.

Being alone in the house all day is starting to make her go stir crazy, so she invites her friend Caroline Wilder over. Caroline and her husband Charlie are also expecting their first child; she's due just a month after Anne.

"It's kind of exciting," Caroline says, "growing a person inside of you. Charlie is totally fascinated."

"Yeah," Anne replies, "but I can't wait for this kid to be born. I'm so huge."

James is also eagerly anticipating his son's birth. He's a detective with the Providence Police Force, and his partner has been helping out with his paperwork so James can get home at a regular hour.

Their son George is born late one evening on May. He has brown hair and his mother's blue eyes.

"He's so little," James marvels.

"He's perfect," Anne says. Family has always been important to her - especially after her brother died - and she's so happy to have started one with James.

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  1. Sweet little family. It looks like they are both in a good place to start having a family, and I bet George will be a cutie!