Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one more robot

February 2024 - Faith and Herbert Goode are 61, Orlando Centowski is 29.

When Herbert and his wife Faith retired to Providence, he finally fulfilled his dream of building and selling robots. He opened the store a few years ago, and it's been doing a lot of business. The big sellers are the toy robots, the cleanbots, and the hydrobots; he sells several other models, including servos, but they're too expensive for most people.

With business picking up, he's decided to hire an employee to help with the manufactoring. Orlando Centowski has been coming in since he opened the store to talk about robots, and one day Herbert offeres him a job.

"I could really use some help crafting the robots," he says. "You've seen how they just fly off the shelves."

Orlando accepts. He has a job as an oceanographer, but the early hours and long commute are tough, and he's been looking for a job in town so he could have more time with his family. He's been building robots since college, and he's excited to turn his hobby into his job.


While Herbert spends his days at the store, Faith spends her time at home relaxing. She's proud of her husband for working so hard on his robots, but she doesn't intend to spend her retirement working.

They never had any children; instead the house is filled with pets. They adopted a cat when they moved to Providence named Sweets, and they recently adopted a kitten named Cymmi. They also have a bird, Daisy. They're both making the most of their retirement - Herbert with his robots and Faith with her menagerie.

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  1. These are a sweet couple. I love that he has his robots and her all the pets.

    In my game I aged her down to pop out one kid, and then aged her back up.