Wednesday, February 10, 2010

waving goodbye

August 2023 - Sandy Fairchild is 39, Ricky Cormier is 29.

Sandy Fairchild has gone through several incarnations -  high school party girl, popular college sorority girl, studious law student, ruthless lawyer, respected judge. She shocked the people of Providence when she first started dating Ricky - he had been only 26, ten years her junior. But he was fun and exciting, and their relationship provided her life with a much needed jolt of excitement.

But even after all of those changes, she isn't prepared when she realizes she's pregnant.

Ricky's a good guy, but he's not cut out for fatherhood. He can't even remember to clean his bathroom regularly. So she decides to move out and raise the kid on her own.

Most women wouldn't move into a new house alone during their third trimester, but Sandy isn't most women. She wants to be moved in to her new place before the baby comes, and by the time she finds a new place, signs the papers, and arranges for movers, she's already eight months pregnant. She leaves early one morning before Ricky has even gotten dressed.

"Need any help?" he asks, but she just shakes her head. She always has everything under control.

Still, there are disadvantages to living alone. She goes into labor one rainy afternoon in the bathroom.

She gives birth to a little girl, who she names Ellie. Sandy wasn't expecting to be a mother; in fact, she'd started to think she was too old to have a child. But with Ellie in her arms, she knows she's ready to say goodbye to her old life and welcome this new incarnation.

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  1. Aww looks like Ellie was a definite blessing in disguise, and is giving Sandy quite the change in her life.