Sunday, September 12, 2010

house at pooh corner

February 2039 - Jack Cooper is 36; Jillian Cooper is 35; Jackson, John Smith, and Tom Smith are 10; Rachel is 8; Piper and Alex Smith are 5.

Piper Cooper learned to read a few months ago, and ever since she's been reading everything she can get her hands on. She's always loved stories, and now she can read them herself.

Piper started taking piano lessons a few months ago, and she makes sure to practice every day. Sometimes her brother Jackson helps her.

She and Jackson have always been very close, but they're even closer now that she's older. She's started going with Jackson when he takes Tucker on walks.

But Jillian is a little worried about how solitary her kids are. They never bring kids home from school or ask to go to a friend's house. So one day she invites the Smith boys over to play. John and Tom are in the same class as Jackson, and Alex is in kindergarten with Piper.

Rachel isn't interested in playing with any boys. She spends the afternoon jumping rope in the attic.

Piper and Alex get along really well.

At first Jackson has a hard time talking to John and Tom. The twins are used to just playing with each other.

But by the end of the afternoon they're getting along a lot better.

That night Piper has lots of excitement to write about in her diary!

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  1. Aw, the kids are so cute making friends with each other. :)