Monday, June 7, 2010


February 2030 - Julien and Melissa Cooke are 42, Anthony is 12, Adrien is 6 months.

At 42 Melissa assumed her child-bearing years were far behind her. But six months ago she and Julien became parents again.

The baby is another boy, Adrien. He has the same black hair and light blue eyes as his father and brother, but his mother's darker complexion.

Anthony is a big help with Adrien. He takes care of the baby while their parents are working at the restaurant.

Most of the time Anthony likes playing with his little brother, but of course sometimes taking care of a baby means dealing with a big mess.

Anthony also takes care of the cat, Remy. Remy has been his dad's cat since before he was married, but ever since Anthony was a little kid, Remy has been Anthony's cat.

Anthony's in the seventh grade this year, and he's an excellent student. He always does his homework right away when he gets home from school.

When he's done with his homework, he either practices the violin or browses the internet for websites about science.

The restaurant is doing really well, although it's starting to be busy enough that they need another server. Sometimes Melissa finds herself doing double duty as both the hostess and a server.

When they get back from the restaurant, she usually goes straight to bed while Julien stays up to take care of the boys. Then when Julien's ready for bed, Melissa's rested and ready to stay up with Adrien all night.

Julien always brings his son some leftovers from the restaurant.

"This lobster is great, Dad. Thanks."

"I'm glad you like it. Thank you for taking care of your brother. Your mother and I really appreciate it."

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  1. Aww another boy. How sweet that Anthony helps take care of his little brother, they are quite a distant apart in age, but they should get plenty of time to play before Anthony is an adult.

    Glad that the restaurant is going well!