Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my only offer, part 2

November 2028 - Robert Stanton is 28, Jenny Stanton is 27, Meg and Ellie Fairchild are 5, Libby is 1 month.

It's hard to believe it, but Robert and Jenny have been married for five years. He recently got promoted and is now the top architect in Providence. They're really grown ups now; they bought their first house a few years ago, and their daughter Meg has just started kindergarten.

But that doesn't mean the house is quiet during the days. Jenny just gave birth to their second child, another little girl who they named Elizabeth.

Robert is a natural father, and he dotes on his little girls.

He's such a patient man, he hardly even complains when he has to get up in the middle of the night to change a diaper or soothe a nightmare.

But he's gone all day at work, leaving Jenny home alone with the baby. It's not that she doesn't love being a mother, but taking care of a baby alone all day makes her exhausted and lonely. Luckily Libby is a very quiet baby. Jenny started doing pottery again during her pregnancy, and most afternoons she can spend an hour or two working while Libby sits contently in her bouncy chair.

Meg has made friends with the other girl in her kindergarten class, Ellie Fairchild. Ellie lives just a few blocks away, and since her mother is usually working when school ends, Ellie spends most afternoons playing at the Stanton house.

Robert makes sure to come home from work at exactly 6 PM every night to help out with the girls.

He's always wanted a big family, and with two children under the age of five, they're on their way.

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  1. Aww he seems like such a great daddy to his little girls, and i totally heart the name Libby (ever since the character on Lost). lol Looks like Robery and Jenny could use a date night out, maybe they should look up the nanny in the yellow pages and take some time to reconnect without babies/kids.