Friday, May 14, 2010

ocean breathes salty

May 2029 - Chris Byall and David Ottomas are 31, Autumn Miller is 25, Emma and Sophie Ottomas are 15.

David and Chris moved to a house on the beach about a year ago, a few months before The Pier opened. The Warehouse pretty much runs itself, and Chris wanted to be close to the restaurant. The beach is still very undeveloped; the only buildings out here are The Pier, their house, and Autumn and Tucker's house.

Their dog Moody really likes being able to run around on the beach.

David's music career is going great, and he's on the road a lot.

But even a rock god has plenty of down time. He loves to relax on the beach with Moody.

Chris, on the other hand, feels like she never stops working. The Pier opened almost a year ago, and she's still getting the hang of running the kitchen and overseeing the day to day business.

Luckily she lives close enough that she can usually run home for a nap between the lunch and dinner rushes.

Despite her misgivings, Autumn is doing a great job as the chef. Her salmon is amazing!

It's hard to find employees in a small town like Providence, and Chris ended up hiring David's sister Emma as a waitress. Even though she's only 15, she's a hard worker.

Chris works as the hostess. Eventually she wants to hire a manager to oversee things, but until the business becomes more profitable, she can't afford to hire any more employees. Plus with things still just starting out, she likes to be there every day.

Much of the dining room is still empty. Chris is waiting to expand things. It's been a cool, rainy spring, but once summer comes around she wants to start seating people on the patio.

Not many people drive all the way out to the beach for dinner, but those who do end up raving about the food.

David's family stops by frequently to see how things are going.

"Hey sis," Emma greets her twin. "What can I get for you?"

When she closes for the night, no matter how exhausted she is, Chris always takes some time to sit out on the beach. She loves being near the ocean, and even though the restaurant has ocean views she's always too busy to appreciate it. Sometimes David joins her, but if he's out playing a show it's just her and Moody, enjoying the stars and the ocean.

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  1. The beach is amazing, and I love the shot of Moody on the beach. Her restaurant is looking great, love the name "pier" for it. Seaside restaurants are pretty sweet.

    I'm glad his sister was a good hire, it can be tricky hiring in the family sometimes.