Thursday, March 4, 2010

in my life

November 2025 - Benjamin Long is 34, Elizabeth Ng is 28 (Viola Cameron is 34, Clara Long is 7).

She knows what people say about her - homewrecker, scarlet woman. It would be funny if it weren't so hurtful. She's always been so shy, such a focused student. She hardly dated in college, and for the first few years after college she didn't do anything but work. That's where she met Benjamin. She certainly didn't plan to fall in love with a married man, but she also can't regret it.

His divorce was finalized about six months ago, and they move into a beautiful house in Forest Hills. It's a wealthy, exclusive neighborhood overlooking Providence, surrounded by pine trees.
He proposes the day they move in.

It's all so perfect, just like a fairy tale.

They're both eager to start their life together. Benjamin is still angry about the divorce, but being with Elizabeth makes him happy. And Viola can't be angry at him for starting a new life with her; Viola got remarried a few months ago to Neil Cameron and is six month pregnant.

It's hard being so far from Clara, but Viola hardly lets him see her anyway. He calls Clara almost every day.

Along with the new house, they bought two hybrids to drive to work since they can't walk anymore. Since she's a specialist in cardiology, and Benjamin is a general practicioner, he usually heads to work a little before she does.

She likes to spend the mornings in the garden. She's always loved the outdoors, and this is her first house with a big yard.

Aside from the yard, the house also has an inside/outside greenhouse. She's looking forward to having flowers and plants growing year round.

Her dog Cleo likes living in the country too. Elizabeth adopted her when she moved to her apartment, and Cleo much prefers having a big yard to run around in.

Benjamin and Elizabeth are both workaholics. Most nights when they get home, they review medical techniques or talk about their patients.

They also spend a lot of time stargazing on the second story porch. Elizabeth hasn't seen this many stars since she lived in Three Lakes as a teenager. She's made some mistakes as an adult, but out here with Benjamin, she knows this is the life she wants to live.


  1. I love their house. The indoor greenhouse is a cool touch.

  2. Thanks! I was inspired by this house from mod the sims: But when I tried to recreate it, I ended up tweaking it a bit.